Fuse MIDI/AMI 175A

Blue Sea Systems
  • Fast-acting type fuses ideal for electronic devices
  • Standard circuit protection device for automobiles and trucks
  • Tin-plated connector blades for corrosion resistance
  • Visible indication of blown condition
Amperage 175A
Ignition Protected* Yes
Maximum Voltage 32V DC
Interrupt Capacity** 5000A @ 16V DC
2000A @ 32V DC
Minimum Operating Temperature -40° C
Maximum Operating Temperature 125° C
Blade Material Tin-Plated Copper CDA 110/UNS11000
Maximum Torque 40 in-lb (4.52 Nm)
Weight 0.05lb (0.02 kg)


*Devices, which operate in a potentially explosive environment, must be ignition protected. This would include engine rooms with gasoline engines. There is a very specific set of tests which a device must pass to claim ignition protection. They include operating safely in an explosive mixture of propane and air.

**The fault current that a device, normally a fuse or circuit breaker is capable of breaking without damage.