Burgess Marine Clearsealer 500ml


Dries to a sheen finish and has been designed for the treatment of wood in areas not subjected to sunlight. It is ideal for interior use where colouration should be kept to a minimum, Clearsealer is UV resistant but, unlike Burgess Marine Woodsealer, it does not contain UV blocking agents that protect the wood therefore, when used on exterior surfaces, it should always be used as a top coat in conjunction with Woodsealer.

Size: 500ml bottle

Burgess Woodseales have been manufactured since 1987. Developed by the inventor of Hammerite, and technically known as hydrosols, they are an environmentally friendly, non flammable blend of high quality acrylic resins held in water that allow wood to breathe. These products can be used on damp surfaces. Brushes may be washed in water and no harmful thinners are required.