Triple XTS Rope Clutch 6-10mm


Triple XTS Rope Clutch 6-10mm


Product Info

  • Mid to higher load rope holding
  • Reliable all around performance
  • Choose XTS0610 for best performance on smaller diameter lines
  • Choose XTS0814 for best performance across the rope range
  • Ceramic Coated CAM and Base available for consistent holding & performance with modern performance lines
  • Extruded alloy handle with soft end grip
  • Secure handle locking in open and closed position
  • Easy access to fasteners
  • Handle labels supplied
  • Specification
    XTS0610 - Small diameter, high load

    For 6-10mm lines and optimised for 8-10mm lines. Strongly recommended for high strength small diameter line. To upgrade from XTS0814, fit CAM- Weights and Fasteners Weights XTS Single - 545g (19.1oz) XTS Double - 1050g (36.8oz) XTS Triple - 1585g (55.5oz) Fasteners XTS Single - 2 x M8 (5/16") CSK Head (not supplied) XTS Double - 4 x M8 (5/16") CSK Head (not supplied) XTS Triple - 6 x M8 (5/16") CSK Head (not supplied)