Transyl Lubricating Deep PenetratingLiquid (200ml Aerosol)


Transyl Lubricating Deep PenetratingLiquid (200ml Aerosol)


Transyl Oil is a lubricating, deep penetrating, self-spreading liquid with exceptional ‘wetting’, spreading and climbing properties. It is able to reach the most inaccessible areas and is perfect for the dismantling and maintenance of metal assemblies and for lubricating hard to reach metal parts. A multi purpose problem solver that has been developed over 75 years, it is widely used in the Automotive, Aviation, Rail and Maritime industries as well as the industrial and domestic markets. It can be used on all surfaces and does not contain caustic or acidic substances and so does not damage paint.

What is so good about Transyl Oil?

Releases – Frees and loosens fixings seized due to rust or corrosion and deposits lubricating film between seized parts, allowing them to be dismantled. Penetrates – Excellent ‘wetting’ properties allow Transyl Oil to spread quickly and penetrate deeply. Lubricates – Allows easy movement of stiff and seized parts (ideal for machining). Cleans – Dissolves and removes dirt, grease and grime. Protects – Leaves a thin protective film on metal surfaces to shield against damage caused by moisture and oxidation. Moisture – Displaces moisture and quickly dries out electrical circuits – prevents moisture induced short circuits. Self spreading – Very low surface tension and natural capillary action – climbs vertical metal surfaces and penetrates hard to reach areas. Machining – Prevents wear and tear on cutting heads

Ideal Uses for Transyl Oil

  • Releasing rusted parts such as bolts, screws, chains, bearings and conveyors
  • Lubricating hinges, chainsaws, pulleys, locks, tools and more
  • Cleaning engines, industrial and marine equipment
  • Dissolving adhesives and gums – for easy removal of labels, tape, etc.
  • As machining lubricant – especially useful for working with aluminum and its alloys, plastics and stainless steel
  • For electrical assemblies, circuit boards, automotive electrics and controls
Colour: Blue
Tools: Brush, Spray, Dipping
Suitable for: Exterior & Interior use
Temperature Resistance: +300°C
Shelf Life: 5 years minimum in original unopened packaging
Evaporation Speed: Slow
Suitable Surfaces: All Surfaces (does not damage paint)