Supersub 1100 Auto 24v


Supersub 1100 Auto 24v


The Whale Supersub Smart 1100 is a new higher capacity automatic bilge pump with integrated intelligent control. Building on the award winning success of the Supersub Smart 650, the 1100 uses the same great compact easy to use design with an even higher flow rate. Using the integrated sensor technology the Supersub Smart 1100 automatically senses water in the bilge and turns on and off when needed. The pump has a low profile design suitable for narrow bilge spaces where space is limited and with a non-return valve included, the pump leaves the bilge almost dry depending on installation. With a multi-position outlet and long caulked wires installation is quick and simple and a manual override facility is included. The Supersub Smart 1100 is also easy to maintain with a snap fit strainer easily removed for cleaning.

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