Single Circuit ON-OFF with Locking Key - Black


300 Amps continuous rating for outboards and small gasoline or diesel engines

  • Tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Studs accept 3/8" (M10) ring terminals
  • 7/8" (22 mm) stud length accepts multiple cable terminals
  • Blue Sea Systems one-piece terminal stud design never loosens over time
  • One-piece stainless flange nuts ensure safe and secure connections
  • The isolating cover protects rear contacts
  • Breakout tabs allow wire access in any direction
Switch Type Single Circuit ON-OFF*
Colour Black
Maximum Voltage 48V DC
Stud Size 3/8"
Continuous Rating** 300A
Intermittent Rating*** 500A
Cranking Rating 30 sec**** 900A
Stud Material Tinned Copper
Stud Torque 120 in-lb (13.56 Nm)
Weight 0.65lb (0.29 kg)

*Switches a single battery to a single load group

**The maximum current a switch is designed to conduct for an indefinite period.

***The maximum amount of current a switch is designed to carry for a minimum of a designated period of time.

****Normally associated with 'cranking current' which is the current required by the starter circuit prior to engine starting. The cranking current varies significantly during the starting cycle. Initially, there is a large surge of current required to overcome the inertia and compression of the engine. This surge can be two to four times the average cranking current. Once the engine is turning there are peaks and valleys as the pistons go through the compression and exhaust cycles. The cranking current rating is used for sizing batteries, cables, and battery switches.