ProSave A 16A CE Zinc Saver


ProSave A 16A CE Zinc Saver


By installing a Galvanic Isolator / Zinc Saver it maintains a good earth link with the shore but prevents any stray currents travelling up the earth line and damaging the boat.

The Galvanic Isolator has the following extra features:

Total Protection: Recent upgrades in the new A.B.Y.C. have removed the need for a monitoring system on the zinc saver as long as if the unit was to fail, the internal devices must fail in such a way as to continue to ensure the safe connection of the earth circuit. The new Pro Safe FS s now fully certified as a fail safe device and as such no longer needs any monitoring system. This ensures a simpler and lower installation cost for this new product.

Suitable for use in Europe and the rest of the world except the U.S.A if A,B,Y,C compliance is required.

Rated at 30A continous

Complies to CE EN 13297

16 Amps

120 x 100 x 90mm

Weight: 1.0kg


This product is by far the most commonly used device in Europe.

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