Pro Split R 12V 2 x 130A 4 Out Split Isolator


The ProSplit R is an advanced split charge management device, developed specifically to deal with the complex nature of modern multi battery systems in boats and vehicles. For single or dual alternator inputs to two, three or four battery bank installations. Complex software with some 1000 lines of code analyses every perceivable condition to ensure charging priorities are managed as you want with specific focus on preserving charge in the engine starter battery. Each input & output terminal is independently monitored to establish status before deciding where charge will be delivered and to prevent discharge from one battery to another. Truly zero voltage drop is
one key feature of the Pro Split R.

Many alternative products claim to have no voltage loss but, under test, are proven not to be so - especially with heavy loads - when it really matters. It may not seem
significant but 1V drop equates to as much as 30% lost charging power in a 12V system.


Unlike conventional Voltage Sensitive Relays (VSRs), the ProSplit R has the ability to identify and reverse current or over-voltage conditions and disconnect individual batteries to avoid damage or discharge. The ignition sense connection also ensures that the device knows the engine is running and protects the start battery when the engine is off.

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Alt Volts: 12

Max Alt Amps: Twin 130

Output Battery Bank: 4 out

Unit Size (mm): 150 x 80 x 295

Unit Weight (kg): 1.8