Mercury, Mercruiser Control Cable

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Mercury, Mercruiser Control Cable

› Standard Control Cables have Stainless Steel or Brass Fittings depending upon the type of cable

› Standard Control Cables use SS high performance lubricated inner for smooth operation

› Standard Control Cables have a Minimum Bend Radius of 8”

› Standard Control Cables have a black outer jacket for effective durability and offer great resistance to UV, Petrol, Fluids & other chemicals

Engine Control Cables EC-005-XX (XX is the length of cable in feet) are used for Shift and Throttle application. Different designs of Engine Control Cables are used depending on the engine type and installation.
Multiflex offers a wide variety of Engine Control Cables for different applications. Engineered out of corrosion-resistant materials and components these control cables meet or exceed all industry standards.
Multiflex Engine Control Cables are interchangeable with most common SeaStar Solutions®, Morse®, and Ultraflex® Engine Control Cables.

Refer to the Cross-reference Chart for interchangeability.

Applicable for Mercury® & Mercruiser® engines

Travel : 97 mm | Conduit: 7.0 mm | Inner : 1.9 mm SS-Solid Wire