Inflatable Boat Antifouling (SP54) PVC -1 Ltr White


Inflatable Boat Antifouling (SP54) PVC -1 Ltr White


A fully flexible antifoul for use on PVC material.

Can also be used on non-flexible surfaces such as GRP. Hull and tubes can be protected on your RiB with just one product.

Developed using unique pseudo-organic technology
Extensively tested - keeps virtually all hulls free from growth of algae, crustaceans and othe unwelcome marine life

Includes copper, linked with our own extremely low friction technology SP54 offers a unique solution to an age old marine problem

Available in 1 litre tins

Coverage: 1 ltr allows 2 full coats on an average 2.9m boat. Allow 2 hours between coats and leave overnight before launching craft.
No primer needed.

Range of colours to match material Grey, Blue, White and Orange