Gulper IC 12V (OEM)


Whale Gulper IC 12V (OEM)


The Whale IC Range is a collection of independent components for intelligent integrated systems. These systems include a new range of pumps and accessories such as strainers, waste outlets and switches.
At the heart of every Whale IC product lies innovative electronic intelligent control units. The intelligent control circuitry works by monitoring changes in the system, and controlling pumps to react accordingly.
The IC range includes products that work in fresh, bilge and grey water installations.
In grey and bilge waste systems, the built-in intelligent control enables sensor accessories to communicate directly with Gulper IC pumps to control their performance. These accessories send signals to built in intelligence software which then control the pumps to react as required. In freshwater
systems, the Fresh IC pump monitors and responds to variations in pressure, flow, and current.

Remote mounting bilge pump with intelligent control, low voltage
switching - no burn outs/interference.
Performance meets ISO 15083

Service Kit:
AK2082 - Replacement Pump Head IC

Designed for connection to any IC Accessory (see product codes p12&13)
Strainer IC / Gulley IC / Two Way Manifold IC / Switch IC (12V or 24V d.c.)