Alsco Marine Silicone Rubber Sealant Blister Pack 78g Black


Available in Black, White, Clear Mould Resistant Fungicide
Flexible silicone sealant.
Specifically formulated for marine.
High modulus, watertight.
Salt and Fresh Water resistant.
Aquatic safe when cured.
Excellent long-term durability


Alsco Marine Silicone Rubber Sealant is a flexible silicone sealant specifically formulated for watertight sealing of marine applications. It has excellent long-term durability, flexibility, and resistance to salt and fresh water. Suitable applications include: sealing around hatches and portholes, insulating electrical connectors, locking nuts and bolts against vibration, sealing trunking, sealing pipework, in-situ gaskets for water pumps and exhaust systems and creating watertight joints throughout.


Where to use Exterior
Paintable No
Sizes 78grm
Application method Sealant Gun and Cartridge



Surface Preparation

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust and grime using Geocel Surface Cleaner or a suitable solvent and an oil and lint-free cloth. Areas adjacent to the joint should be masked with tape to prevent contamination of substrates and ensure a neat sealant line.

Application Instructions

Replace the nozzle and cut the tip to the required width at a 45-degree angle. Ensure the adhesive/sealant makes full contact with both sides of the joint. Cut the cartridge nozzle at an angle to ease control of the sealant flow. The nozzle should be cut according to the width of the joint. As the sealant extrudes from the cartridge, draw the cartridge towards you along the joint.

Clean up

Clean up using a suitable solvent