Bravo Turbo Max 12V


- This 12V or 24V inflator can inflate large rubber dinghies in a few minutes.
- Pressure can be regulated from 175 to 250 mbar with AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF
- High-performance 3-meter cable
- Tube with increased diameter (O 25 mm), 3 meters long
- Safety fuse
- Inflates and deflates
- Very flexible: it can inflate large chambers and small objects


Scoprega keeps working every day on the continuous development of its products.

One of the latest progress has involved the TURBO MAX 12V (Part number: 6130022) and the TURBO MAX KIT 12V (Part number: 6130021)

These products are highly efficient, functional, and reliable portable electrical inflators. Both models are equipped with two powerful DC motors that drive two turbines connected in series, capable of inflating any objects to a pressure up to 250 mbar

TURBO MAX 12V and TURBO MAX KIT 12V are suitable to inflate large inflatables, such as dinghies, tents, etc. and for rafts, air mattresses, swimming pool floats.

The new upgrade has been designed to improve the efficiency of the inflator by introducing new electronic board controls which allow a complete status check of the inflator.

TURBO MAX 12V and TURBO MAX KIT 12V are now including LED indicators that provide information about the status of the inflator during operations and the battery charge level.

Furthermore, in case of malfunction, such as exceeding temperature inside the pump, an auto-protection system will activate to switch off the inflator to avoid any risk



Dimensions: 310 x180 x h 190 mm

Power supply: 12V DC

Current consumption: 45-60A max

Air Flow: 1000 l/min

Max Pressure: 250 mbar (3.6 psi)