Asymmetric Mid-Size Deck Organiser


Asymmetric Mid-Size Deck Organiser

Product Info

  • Minimal overall length
  • Efficient bearings surface reduces winch effort and increases halyard life
  • Integral end fairings for safe side loading
  • Asymmetric version reduces deck footprint and saves weight
  • T50 can ‘stack’ for limited deck area or adding extra capacity. T50 will also ‘stack’ on a TC50
  • Vari-camber feature: T50 Organisers are designed to follow the curve of the deck when fitted

  • Specification

    Sheave Diameter/Type

    50mm (2") composite SWL per sheave 1000kg (2200lbs) Total SWL per unit No of sheaves x500kg (1100lbs) Line Diameter Up to 14mm (9/16")
    Weights & Fasteners
    Weight 185g (6.5oz) for 2 sheave organiser
    45g (1.6oz) per extra sleeve Fasteners 2x M6 (1/4") CSK (not supplied)