A-symmetric extension 'Solo'


A-symmetric extension 'Solo'


750-1200mm tiller extension with asymmetric grip and Diablo universal joint

Our extensions are designed for the hardest conditions: they help reduce the strain and increase the sheer enjoyment of helming a fast boat.

Our Asymmetric extension improves helming performance in three ways:

i) more feedback - for accurate and precise control

ii) more mobility - maintains the best helming position for optimum trim and visibility

iii) less fatigue - correct helming position reduces back pain and improves concentration

asymmetric grip fits the hand better and supports the wrist- two handed helming mode lets the arms relax into a more comfortable, elbows-down position.

Diabolo version:-
Preferred by single-handed yachtsmen. A windsurfing style universal joint returns it to a vertical position when not in use. Fit E-DIABOLO accessory to upgrade a standard EA or EJ extension to this specification.

A-symmetric with tube grip:-
A special sleeved version EA-900SG is available for extra grip. Existing models can be upgraded using E-GRIP accessory.