30 amp Zinc Saver EU


30 amp Zinc Saver EU

By installing a Galvanic Isolator / Zinc Saver it maintains a good earth link with the shore but prevents any stray currents travelling up the earth line and damaging the boat.
The Galvanic Isolator has the following extra features:
Total Protection: Recent upgrades in the new A.B.Y.C. have removed the need for a monitoring system on the zinc saver as long as if the unit was to fail, the internal devices must fail in such a way as to continue to ensure the safe connection of the earth circuit. The new Pro Safe FS s now fully certified as a fail safe device and as such
no longer needs any monitoring system. This ensures a simpler and lower installation cost for this new product.
Suitable for use in Europe and the rest of the world except the U.S.A if A,B,Y,C compliance is required

220 x 120 x 100mm



Protects your boat against galvanic corrosion by the shore power cable
Rated at 30A continous
Complies to CE EN 13297

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