12V Grey IC Kit


12V Grey IC Kit


Whale Grey IC is a new innovation in grey water management. Electrical signals are sent from the Two Way Manifold to turn the Gulper IC off and on automatically controlling grey waste from multiple outlets removing the need to install a grey waste tank while maintaining the use of a reliable diaphragm pump.

The design of the Grey IC kit assists boat manufacturers, simplifying installation. The Gulper IC has a multi-directional head that can rotate for any installation and the pump.
The soft start/stop of the pump protects the pump for a long life and eliminates current spikes ensuring less pump wear. Gulper IC uses low current switching meaning there is no switch failure from high currents and the on/off delay prevents cycling leading to smooth operation. The electronic switch senses through the plastic and is therefore not in contact with the grey water, thus eliminating failure due to water ingress or debris.

Grey IC is manufactured from marine grade waterproof materials designed for harsh marine conditions and boasts fully potted circuitry to protect the electronics from water ingress. The Gulper IC and Two Way Manifold IC are connected by pre-wired waterproof electric connectors that prevent damage from capillary action and electrolysis. Grey IC is available in 12 V d.c. and 24 V d.c. models.

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