12v 80amp DigitalSplit Charge System


12v 80amp DigitalSplit Charge System


This product makes your alternator charge your batteries as effective as with an advanced regulator. However the installation takes only a fraction of the time and it already has a built-in split charge diode.
Suitable for single or multiple alternators with up to 160 Amps.

The Digital Advanced Alternator Regulator offers the best low cost technical solution to increase the output performance of your alternator. However, there are applications and markets, which require a different approach to increasing the alternator performance; without all the work and expertise required to install a regulator.
Problems with Advanced alternator regulators.
The main problems with all standard advanced regulators are:
1) Relatively difficult to install. This prevents semi skilled personnel from fitting this type of unit..
2) Requires the removal of the existing alternator to work on it.This is not always easy to achieve and can add many hours of awkward work to an otherwise simple installation.
3) Requires extra cables to be run on the boat or vehicle. Again this can appear a simple thing, until a few hours work is required to pass a cable through a bulkhead or some other difficult place.
4) Warranty on new engines: some engine / vehicle dealers raise warranty issues if a new alternator is modified to fit a advanced regulator.
5) New systems. Many new systems have E.C.U.'s (electronic control systems) on there engine management systems, any attempt to fit an Advanced Regulator will result in alarms going off (mostly in vehicles and expensive cars which are to be armoured. However this also appears to be a trend in the smaller vehicle market and may work its way into the marine market). This new system ensures the main vehicle/boat voltage remains within the E.C.U.s programmed parameters and allows the extra battery bank to be charged at the higher voltages needed to achieve fast charging.
6) 95% of installations using an Advanced Alternator Regulator also have some sort of split charger system. This product already has this split charge system built in to it.
How do we do this.
In theory, it is very simple. With an advanced regulator which connects to the alternators regulator, we override the standard alternator regulator and we push the alternators voltage up to increase the voltage at the batteries . This results in a massive charge improvement at the batteries.
With the voltage amplifier we do the reverse. We put a load on the alternator to pull the alternator voltage down. This fools the alternator into thinking that there is a major drain on the system and as such the standard regulator works at full current. However, the voltage is pulled down to a totally useless voltage for charging batteries. So the new system takes in this high current, but low voltage, and amplifies the voltage to charge the auxiliary battery bank at a much higher voltage than the base system voltage. In order to achieve the fast battery charging, the software control program and settings for this product are the same as for our Digital battery chargers and the Digital advanced alternator regulator.

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Dims: 250 x 180 x 70
Max Alt Amps: 80
Weight: 2.5kg
DC Voltage: 12

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