This product has been discontinued.

We have discontinued this product permanently. Please find alternative products from below section.

RitchieSport Compass Black with Black Dial


RitchieSport Compass Features

  • 2″ (51 mm) Direct Reading Dial
  • Easily Installed, Fits Standard 2 1/16″ (5.50 cm) Instrument Hole
  • View Adjusts up to 30 degrees
  • Scientifically Matched Sapphire Jewel & Hardened Steel Pivot Dial Movement
  • Exclusive Built-in Green NiteVu Lighting
  • High-Temperature Composite Construction for Extended Operating Range
  • DirectiveForce Magnets
  • Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty

Replacement Lighting:

  • 12V Green – RS-0148 GRN
  • 12V Red – RS-0148 RED
  • 12V Clear –RS-0148 WHT
  • 12V Blue – RS-0148 BLU

Approx. Shipping Weight: 5 oz. (142g)

Notes: X-23 Compasses do not have Built-in Compensators.

Comes standard with 12-volt Green lighting. Some custom-built OEM models may have different colour lighting.