Dual MRBF Terminal Fuse Block - 30 to 300A (Bulk)

  • Compact, high-amp fuse—appropriate for DC Main, inverter, windlass, and bow thruster circuit protection
  • Provides high current protection in tight space constraints
  • Ignition protected when used with Blue Sea Systems' MRBF Terminal Fuse
  • Isolated stud design uses standard M8 hardware and permits stacking of terminals
  • Insulating cap prevents accidental shorts
  • Accepts 5∕16" ring terminals
  • Mounts on 3/8” terminal studs
  • Fuse sold separately
Ignition Protected* No
Maximum Amperage** 300A
Maximum Voltage 58V DC
Terminal Stud M8 (5/16")
Maximum Torque 75 in-lb (8.47 Nm)
Weight 0.30lb (0.14 kg)


*Devices, which operate in a potentially explosive environment, must be ignition protected. This would include engine rooms with gasoline engines. There is a very specific set of tests that a device must pass to claim ignition protection. They include operating safely in an explosive mixture of propane and air.

**Maximum amperage ratings are dependent on the use of appropriately sized fuses and wire for a given application