Ramonol White Grease 500g Tub

Ramonol White Grease 500g Tub

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Suitable for use in all conventional grease applicators. Especially suitable for stern and steering glands, bearings, seacocks, winches, furling gears, outboard and inboard motor controls, boat trailer wheel bearings and general greasing. A dispensing disc is included in the pack to facilitate easy filling of grease guns.

Ramonol White Grease is formulated with a special titanium dioxide additive in high quality lithium soap grease. It is water resistant, inhibits corrosion and has good adhesive properties, making it ideally suited for marine applications.

500g Tub

Thickener type: Lithium Soap
Colour: White
Penetration 60W, 25degrees c: 265-295mm
NLGI Consistency Class: 2
Drop Point: 180 degrees c
EMCOR corrosion test: 1 max
Water resistance 90 degrees c: 1 max
4 ball weld load: 300 (kg) min
Working Temperature Range: -30 to +150 degrees c

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